IT Monitoring

The idea behind IT monitoring – keeping track of your network’s stability; server performance; applications’ responsiveness; etc. – is simple. It is to make sure that your IT infrastructure performs to the level needed to keeping your business running.

Situational awareness of what is going on in the hidden world of your IT infrastructure...

Back then, monitoring is as basic as sending a ping to a device (ex.: PC, server, etc.) to ensure that it’s up. Businesses of today, however, need something far more extensive than that. While it’s nice to know if your devices are running, IT administrators and professionals also need to know…
  • If there’s enough space on the hard-drive
  • If the CPU utilization is optimal
  • If the applications in the server are responsive enough
  • And those are just to name a few

Your Business NEEDS It!

Your business depends on your software applications, secure servers, network devices, and storage. And with so many pieces making up the puzzle, it can be overwhelming to keep track of them all. Without a well-oiled system that can monitor all of these pieces, downtime is sure to follow.

Ask yourself: How much are you losing for every 1, 2, or 3 hours of downtime? This goes beyond sheer monetary figures. When your systems are down for the count, you lose the trust of your customers and business partners – damaging your reputation.

This is where IT monitoring comes in. Through IT monitoring, you can…

Find And Fix Issues Before They Become REAL Problems: The old adage – ‘prevention is better than cure’ – holds true especially in enterprise IT systems. The real value of IT monitoring lies in finding issues and anticipating issues before they turn to complex problems that can send your systems crashing down.

Through continuous IT monitoring, you gain the insight needed to nip capacity and performance issues right in the bud. A good monitoring solution processes alarms and warnings from your network, storage, as well as power and cooling infrastructures – giving you ample time to react and prevent the effects of hardware failure from snowballing out of control.

Get The Most Out Of Your Investment: From servers, storage, to cooling systems and everything in between, you have invested heavily on setting up your IT infrastructure. As a business, you want to maximize your returns – and IT monitoring and capacity planning will help you do that.

While IT capacity planning lets you target your spending accordingly and track your ROI, a reliable monitoring solution provides you real-time access to data that’s necessary for analyzing trends and gauging your data storage’s capability – both of which are necessary ingredients for effective capacity planning and reporting.

Maximize Your Staff’s Efficiency And Maintain Quality Of Service: Your staff is your biggest asset, and perhaps you’d agree that it also has the biggest cost. By adopting an effective IT monitoring system, you maximize your staff’s expertise and skills – shifting their focus from preventing problems to planning ahead.

Plus, a well-designed monitoring solution gives you and your staff the visibility and tools you need to find and handle hidden performance issues that can chip away at your customers’ satisfaction and confidence. And to ensure that you’re meeting the service levels expected by your customers and business partners, IT monitoring also provides service level reporting.

Anatomy Of A Rock-Solid IT Monitoring System

For an IT monitoring system to deliver, it needs to be effective at two things: (1) Monitoring hardware usage and application metrics, and (2) alerting the right people when issues and problems crop up.
  • Hardware Usage Metrics: Also known as system metrics, these are essential for measuring the performance of your IT infrastructure’s hardware components and operating systems. CPU, disk usage, physical memory, and network usage are under this category.
  • Application Metrics: These measure the performance of your applications and programs. By collecting quantifiable data on user-to-application and application-to-application interactions (ex.: response time, processing time, events etc.), you can measure the responsiveness of your applications – helping you ensure that you meet the needs of your business and your end-users.
  • Alerting System: IT infrastructures – regardless how optimized they are – aren’t infallible. When your programs aren’t responding fast enough; traffic spikes are overwhelming your system; or one of your servers suffers from a meltdown, you want an alerting system that ‘rings’ the right people so they can minimize the impact of the problem and keep your biz up and running.

Leave It To The Experts – SPRE Labs

You are running a business. And while IT is an essential part of your organization, you want to keep your hands busy with activities that DIRECTLY affect your bottom line – developing solutions; generating leads; increasing conversion rates, and more.

So what is a business-owner like you to do as far IT monitoring is concerned? The answer is: Leave it to the experts…and you don’t have to search high and low to find the right guys for the job.

Here at SPRE Labs we’ll provide you the IT monitoring tools and expertise to get the breathing room you need to effectively manage and grow your business.

Take a look at the IT monitoring solutions we provide:
  • System Monitoring (SM): Through effective use of system monitoring tools, we collect your system’s and servers’ performance data including CPU utilization, bandwidth usage, memory usage, and more so you can analyze and allocate your resources accordingly.
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM): Your software applications’ performance and reliability plays a great role in meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and maintaining good satisfaction levels. Our APM solutions are built from top to bottom to find and diagnose application performance issues at the first sign of trouble.
  • Network Monitoring: Its your network that pieces the hardware and software components together. With our network monitoring system, you easily keep an eye over slow and failing components so administrators can quickly patch up the problem.

We don’t just monitor your systems, applications, and networks so we can tick it off of our to-do list. To ensure that you get the best bang for your investment, our experienced and skilled IT professionals use best-of-breed monitoring tools including Nagios and Zabbix.

Having said that, we understand that different businesses have different challenges and requirements. If existing tools can’t meet your expectations and demands, don’t worry – we can develop a fully-customized monitoring tool that’s dedicated for your unique IT infrastructure and software applications.

What You Can Look Forward To When You Work With Us

Effective IT monitoring isn’t just about slapping monitoring tools in place and generating reports. You want a monitoring solution that adapts to your needs and helps you grow. Here’s why our clients think we are a cut above the rest:
  • Unrivalled Flexibility: Our ability to adapt goes beyond the tools we use and the types of IT monitoring solutions we provide. Whether you need to establish an IT monitoring system for a standalone server that runs a single application or for a complex IT infrastructure (ex.: numerous servers, virtual environment, cloud servers, etc.), you can count on SPRE Labs!
  • Review And Optimize: Your business grows – and so does your IT needs. With that in mind, we can review your current monitoring system; its metrics; and how it aligns with your business needs to determine if there’s anything else to collect and measure. Along with that, we can also sit down with you and evaluate your present alerting system. By thoroughly analyzing the data gathered during the review, we can optimize your metrics and alert system so you and your business stays one step ahead of problems.
  • Lightning-Speed Response: No matter what time of the day or what day of the week, we’ll perform an infrastructure healthcheck on your behalf. Using our best-of-breed and customized monitoring tools, we’ll gather data and typical metrics from your system, network, and applications…AND give you feedback on their performance.

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